MGEM School was established in the year 1977 and is dedicated to the sacred memory of Mar Gregorious of Parumala. H.G. Geevarghese Mar Ivanios Metropolitan of Kottayam Diocese is the Manager of the School and we are proud of our history and tradition. Ours is a private unaided, Government recognized institution. The educational agency of the School, Mar Gregorious orthodox Church, governs the School by constituting the Governing Board of the School under the Metropolitans leadership. The results of classes X and XII every year were outstanding with 100% pass.

Founder Manager
Rev.Fr.George John
H.H Baselious Marthoma Paulose II Catholicos
Manager in Charge
H.G Dr. Yuhanon Mar Diascoros
Local Manager
Fr.Dr. Varghese Varghese

List of past and present Heads of the School

TenureManagerLocal ManagerSecretary
1977-1986Rev. Fr. George John
1986-1990Rev.Fr. Simon VettukattilMr. P.P.Peter (1981-1991)
Since 1991H.G. Geevarghese Mar IvaniosRev.Fr. Prof. E.M. PhilipMr. Punnoose Kurian (1991-92)
1987-1996 Rev.Fr. Prof. E.M. PhilipMr. Roy Thomas (1992-1993)
1996-1999 Rev.Fr. M.C. GeorgeMr. K.P. Punnoose (1993-1994)
1999-2003 Rev. Fr.Kurian ThomasMr. P.K. Varghese (1994-2000)
2003-2006 Rev.Fr. Kurian UthupMr. P.C. Abraham (2000-2004)
2006-2010 Rev.Fr. P.C. GeorgeMr.Abraham Kurian (2004-2010)
2010-2013 Rev.Fr. Prof. E.M. PhilipMr. Paulson Mani (2011-2012)
Mr. Thomas Mani (2013-2014)
2013-2016H.H Baselious Marthoma Paulose II CatholicosRev.Fr. A.M.PauloseMr.Kurian John (2014-2017)
Mar 2016-Jul 2016 Rev. Fr. Thomas Varghese, KavunkalMr. Abraham Zacharia (2017-2020)
Jul 2016-Jun 2019 Rev. Fr.Laiju Markose Padiyara 
Since Jun 2019 Rev. Fr. Dr. Varghese Varghese 


TenurePrincipalAdmin. Officer
1977-1982Rev.Fr. George John (H.M)
1982-1986Mr.C.A. Abraham (H.M)
1986-2000Mr. P.M. Kurian (H.M)
2000-2003Rev. Fr. V.A. Stephen
2003-2006Prof.P.K. Kurian
2006-2009Mr. Oommen P. Varghese
2009-2011Mr. Vincy Korah
2011-2017Prof. Baji VargheseRev.Fr.K.M.Issac
 2017-2019Mr. Abraham Ipe
 Since April 2019Mr. Jacob Kocherry

Governing Board Members

Fr.Varghese Varghese- Local ManagerKoshy P.Varghese -SecretaryProf.Jacob Kurian OnattuBinu Prakash K.AJohn K.P
Kuruvilla JosephPunnoose JosephRaju MathewSunil P.AbrahamSunny Abraham

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